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Collage Lesson Ideas

Collage Creativity For Teachers

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Seeing Through Others Eyes

Personality Profiles

There are Places I'll Remember


  1. Ask your students to think about an everyday place that was or continues to be special to them. For example, it could be a room in their home, school, or church, a park, a vacation spot, or a local hangout spot.
  2. Ask them to spend five minutes writing down notes about this place. Who would be there? What was it like to be there? What would you smell, see, and hear there? What details can you remember about the place and the people there?
  3. Ask your students to make collages based on their experiences and memories of this place and the people they would encounter there. They should focus on using the collage materials to create the composition and forms, but may use markers to add details. Ask your students to consider their use of color, shape, line, and texture.

Photo Collage of Popular Culture


  1. Discuss the concept of popular culture with your students and have them identify some of the many types of magazines that represent popular culture in the United States. What do they tell us about our national culture?
  2. Have students clip out photographs that represent different aspects of contemporary popular culture as well as current racial, political, or financial trends in the United States.
  3. Ask students to make a photo collage of their findings that can be enhanced by drawing, coloring, or painting.
  4. Have students write a short poem or folktale that relates to the collage they have made. Have students present their project to the class and discuss how they made their choices of which items and images to include. Have students discuss which items they feel most represent contemporary American culture and why. What are the similarities and differences between their collages?

Signs on the Street

-Have students look for words or signs on walls, streets, stores, passing trucks, billboards, advertisements, etc. Look for words or signs made with a variety of materials such as: metal, paper, concrete, stone, or electronic. Look for signs that flash on and off.

-Have students cut out the words they collected and arrange them on a piece of paper to make a poem or word collage.

Colassal Collage























































Collage Artists etc.:

Agnes Montgomery (or here)

Gordin Magnin

Peter Clark

Miki Sato uses textiles in an almost collage way.

Jason Mecier uses various found objects and even food to create a collage.

Richard Hamilton

Get Creative With Collage: Trends and Inspiration

(via Smashing Magazine)


Derek Gores

Derek Gores from Jason D. Boone on Vimeo.



Collage as statements on war (Lesson Idea):



A list of links to collage and collage-related sites.


Matisse may also be of inspiration.

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