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Film and Video Lesson Ideas

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  • Create a 30 second video using only 1 photo image. How creative can you get?
  • Create a film using only still photographs, narration and music (La Jetee example here)
  • OR, create a documentary using only still photos, music and narration.
  • With students, assign or generate six general lines of dialogue. Have students create 2-4minute film clips exploring and interpret the dialogue. Extension: assign each group a genre.
  • Create a music video. (Focus on your editing and camera work) (examples here)
  • Create a commercial selling a product or service or a social/environment cause. Go here for Memorable and Creative Commercials
  • Re-edit an actual film trailer to change the timeline or genre (i.e. Marry Poppins: The Horror Movie)
  • Swap genres or styles (i.e. Star Wars as a silent movie, or if Saul Bass did the opening credits for Star Wars. Who is Saul Bass? or Star Wars as MacGyver)
  • Create a mash-up (info with some examples here)
  • Create a stop-motion animated movie with real people. (Human Tetris example here)
  • Retell and re-enact a movie in 30 seconds (check out Angry Alien)
  • Film the same scene five times with different lighting.
  • See how a scene changes by adding a different soundtrack to create mood.
  • Create a short clip or film in the style of a famous director.
  • How would a famous visual artist direct a film? (Dali example here) Choose a famous artists and create one.
  • Select a famous artist or art movement and create a movie in that style. What would Andy Warhol's look like?
  • Take a famous painting and create a film scene (lesson example,)
  • Create a digital children's book either via film or with still pictures. You don't even need movie editing software for this. Try using PowerPoint or Keynote instead.
  • Film an infomercial or a public service announcement. How about creating one that uses satire?
  • Create an animated film using paper images.
  • Create a silent movie.
  • Create a fictitious TV show opening title sequence (example)
  • Create a tutorial video.
  • Create a kinetic type film (examples here).
  • Create a film/video inspired by music using animation (example here) or live film shots
  • Create a stop-motion animation of the face singing lyrics to a student's choice of song. Use photography and video-editing. (student example here and here) Credit goes to teacher Ian Sanders of Apex High School for this project. Found via Digital Art Bytes Blog
  • Create a slow motion video (examples here)
  • Create an 'adbusting' or subvertising commercial (examples here)
  • Create a 5x5 video narrative (5 scenes x 5 seconds to create a narrative) (example 1, example 2)
  • Check out Vimeo Video School for more ideas! 
  • Free online teleprompter here


Storytelling Claymation

and Performance

Art Storytelling and

the Digital Economy

Digital Tableau


A Curriculum for

Digital Media Creation

Sixteen Lessons, from Storyboarding

to Producing a Documentary

Express a Feeling or an Idea

-Express a feeling through the use of words and images.

-Create a slideshow and music to accompany the poem.

-Present the poem and photos to the class in a multimedia


-Publish the poem and photos to the Internet.

Tell A Story - Biography

-Develop a biographical story to tell and publish.
-Identify a source to interview for the story.
-Develop interview questions, record an audio interview, and gather optional supporting photos.
-Record appropriate introductions and commentary to create a cohesive story/biography with the interview material.
-Edit the acquired audio to create a three-to-seven-minute
audio podcast.
-Publish the podcast for distribution on portable media players and computers.

Children’s Book

iMovie Project


This project gives students a chance to combine traditional art and music skills in a digital format.

By combining GarageBand with iMovie, students have at their disposal an enriched format in which to interpret the meaning of children’s literature.

The project also provides opportunities for career exploration, for collaborating with younger children, and for performing service to others.

Cel Animation


This project gives students a chance to combine traditional art and music skills in a digital format. Visual art provides primarily visual and tactile/kinesthetic experiences. GarageBand adds auditory

stimulation in a way that is both interesting and motivating for students. This project also provides an opportunity for career exploration.

In The Mood


The movie experience, which employs both auditory and visual stimulation, is a classic example of how powerful events can be recreated to provoke strong emotional responses.When the emotions are stirred in the right way, a movie can create an atmosphere in which people are more willing to take action. By using GarageBand and iMovie HD to create a movie project, students are able to more fully understand and appreciate the significance of events, past and present, that have an impact on the human experience.

Peace Videos


Examining the reasons behind conflict, both personal and global, can help students develop critical thinking skills and allow them to develop a more personal context on which to build an understanding of the world and their own place within it.

Using GarageBand 2 and iMovie HD allows students to work collaboratively on a class peace video project that reflects their understanding of the issues of peace and conflict.

Storyboarding Suburbia



1. Ask your students to imagine what happened before and what happens after the scene in Gregory Crewdson’s Untitled tableau.

2. Ask them to storyboard their narrative by sketching out two scenes that would precede the imagery of Untitled and two that would follow it. You may choose to create a template with five adjacent rectangles, all blank except for the center one into which you can copy and paste an image of Untitled from this website.

3. After completing their storyboards, ask your students to consider which film genre their narrative would fall under, for example, romance, drama, horror, suspense, black comedy, psychological thriller, etc.




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Try out xtranormal. If you can type, you can make movies. Useful for experimenting and learning camera angles.



20 Beautiful Video Motion Pieces

A show reel is the motion picture equivalent of an artist’s portfolio. It is typically used as a tool to promote an artist’s skill, talent and experience in a selected field, such as acting, directing, cinematography, editing, special effects, animation, video games or another graphic-related field. It is conventional in the film industry to have one, and it is the main tool by which an artist promotes her or his own work: stop-motion, experiments, show reels, demos, paintings and more.


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