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30 Tutorials That Will Teach You Flash


Drawing with a Brush (Tutorial 1 from Drip!) I've been asked by a number of people how I go about drawing in Flash. I prefer it over any program I've use so far, in that it allows me to work in a vector environment with pressure sensitive input from a tablet. Now, it's definitely not the only product on the market to do so; Adobe Illustrator also features a vector brush as do many other animation apps. Illustrator applies a brush style to a vector stroke. Whereas Flash converts your drawing input into a vector shape, which is truer to the drawing in my opinion. It's easy to use, too. You basically just launch the app and draw without having to fiddle around with a ton of settings. I also find Flash's "paint behind" feature to be a very handy way to color (we'll get to that later).


Approaches to Colouring (Tutorial 2 from Drip!) Because Flash was designed for output to the Web, coloring is exclusive to RGB. You won't find CMYK around these parts. In fact, Flash is really tailored to web color.


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