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Found and Recycled Art

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View the work of Brian Jungen here. Brian Jungen (b. 1970, Dunne-za First Nations/Swiss-Canadian) uses mass-produced goods to make sculptures that are simultaneously fake and authentic, playful and political, common and extraordinary.


One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure (Lesson Idea)


7 Innovative Artists Who Create Art from Trash: Projected, Recycled and Other Amazing Art

The cliche is that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but the author of that phrase probably never realized how strangely true it could turn out to be. In today’s world of weird and amazing art some of the most compelling and creative works have been born out of the simplest and most abundant of materials: garbage.


20 (More) Amazing Works of ‘Garbage Art’: From Pottery Sculpture Parks to Giant Newspaper Portraits

Why waste money and add to the world’s waste by buying art materials when there are so many strange and interesting objects out there to use for design projects instead? From small found objects to entire abandoned houses, the sky is the limit when it comes to the palettes of these amazing trash artists. Their subject matter is about as varied as their material choices, ranging from self-portraiture and crushed can paintings to imitations of Monet’s masterpieces and gigantic sculpture parks.



Creative Recycled Art, Architecture, and Design Have you ever been to the art store to buy materials? They don’t come cheap. While saved expenses are a bonus, most garbage artists use trash to create their artworks for other reasons. Some try to make direct statements about the nature of waste in our society while others employ recycled materials simply to get us to think about ordinary objects in a new and different way.




Recycled Treasures Converted Into Inspired Art Wait - before you toss that into the garbage, can it be recycled?  Many things obviously can in traditional ways, but an artist often sees beyond the obvious.  With a creative eye and artful touch, art can be created with nearly any medium.  Innovative artists can transform what you might consider trash into amazing art.


Crayon Sculptures (video link here) by Herb Williams.

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Christian Faur also uses wax crayons themselves as pixels to create imagery.


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