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Page history last edited by Frank Curkovic 3 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the 'ArtInspired' wiki.

Here you may find visual art ideas and resources to inspire and motivate your lessons, artwork and art curriculum.

*For educational purposes only.



Art History

and Theory etc.

advocacy, movements, colour,

elements of art and design,

composition, discussing art,

measuring, perspective,

creativity, image/media analysis etc.


and Comics

graphic novels, manga,


cartooning, flipbooks etc.




pinch, coil, plate

Craft and

Design Technology

paper craft, book making,

altered books, collage,

food art, textiles, recycled,

 calligraphy, stencils, diorama, paper mache, origami, masks etc.

Digital Art and Design

photoshop, illustrator,

indesign, flash,

aftereffects, etc.


composition, positive and negative space,

gesture, contour, line, portraits, landscape,


pencil, pastel etc.



Film and Video

scriptwriting, storyboarding,

composition and filming,

editing, soundtracking, digital stories etc.

Graffiti and Urban Art

Graphic Design and


elements and principles,

posters, brochures, logos,

marketing, propaganda, layout, font, stenciling, etc.


ink, water colour, gouache,

acrylic, oil, techniques etc.


composition, portrait, landscape,

night, tilt-shift, time-lapse,

motion blur, photomontage,

pinhole, collage, scanner


collagraph, relief, engraving, lithography,

lino, silkscreen, world pattern examples


installation, clay, found and

recycled art,

wire, assemblage, etc.

3D Art and Design

sketchup, formz, blender

Infographics and Data Visualisation   

Art Sites for Research

coming soon

Museum Links for Education


Graphic Organisers Sketchbooks Units and Curriculum

Themes to Explore

a list of ideas to incorporate skills into


stuck for ideas? look through here.



This wiki will build over time. Apologies to those who do not find what they are looking for right away.

Any suggestions or resources would be appreciated. Simply email or leave a comment with a link.


The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Art Students (via Student Art Guide)


Whether you’re into art theory, studying ancient art or making art yourself, you can find a range of online courses and lectures that can help educate you on your field of interest. Check out these open courseware resources to learn more, get fresh perspectives and expand your artistic horizons. Also have a look at 100 Awesome Lectures for Art Enthusiasts.





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