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Graffiti and Urban Art

Page history last edited by Frank Curkovic 9 years, 9 months ago

PBS Arts: Off Book - Street Art The street is a space where art thrives, and a place where artists can shape the public aesthetic. Olek, a sculptor whose medium is crochet, and Swoon, a mixed media artist, disrupt daily life with work that creates wonder, emotion, and humor. Equally at home in museums and galleries, both artists also create installations that challenge the formats of traditional art spaces. With powerful layers of meaning, beautiful aesthetics, and using unique media, these two prolific creators are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.


Part 1 Tracing the Roots of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti Since before the Italians had the word “Graffiti,” and in fact, before there were any Italians, people have been leaving their marks on walls. These people weren’t viewed as criminals, nor were they likely seen as artists, but they could be hailed as forebears of modern journalism.  Before there was recorded history, there were recorded events, and recorded moments.  As culture has evolved over the millenia, so has art, and what we leave behind tells a story for those who follow.

Part 2 The History of Modern Street-Art and Graffiti Continued


Graffiti Lettering: Cool Characters, Alphabets & Fonts

Not only are there different types of graffiti; there are also plenty of different lettering styles used by graffiti writers. Many of them were designed by graffiti writers in the beginning years of urban graffiti, in the 1970s and 1980s. They’ve been imitated, expanded on, adapted and changed by graffiti artists all over the world. Whether you see graffiti as an art form or simple vandalism, it’s hard to deny that a lot of effort goes into recognizing and learning the different types of lettering, and developing a unique style.


40 Stunning and Creative Graffiti Artworks


Colorful Art Writers: 10 of the Best Graffiti Artists


New York visual artists take the painting process traditionally reserved for studios or art schools and make it public with Art Battles, which are events that meld music and painting into a competition decided by public opinion. Check out the promo video below.

Also check the Art Battles page on Vimeo.


Guerrilla Girls-Art for the Social Conscience


Shepard Fairey spent several weeks in New York in July 2011 and February 2012, creating and printing the works for his forthcoming exhibition at Pace Prints. In this video, he discusses the ideas behind the works and the printmaking processes that he used. All the works were created at the Pace Paper studio and Watanabe Press in Brooklyn.


Lazarides encompasses gallery spaces in London’s Soho, nearby Charing Cross, Newcastle, and, of course, this website.

They are the primary source of original artwork and prints for Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Antony Micallef, Faile, Stanley Donwood, Mode 2, Paul Insect, Kelsey Brookes, Conor Harrington, Invader, Ben Turnbull, Mark Jenkins, 3D, Jonathan Yeo, Lucy McLauchlan, Miranda Donovan, Zevs to name but a few.

Amazing Artwork from Banksy vs. Bristol Museum


The 1980s Series - Graffiti (Lesson Idea)

During the 1980s, music, dance, fashion, and art experienced a boom of energy and innovation. It was also during the 80s that Haring came into prominence and produced most of his signature work. This series of lessons seeks to explore the cultural and creative phenomenons of the 1980s for the youth of today. The Graffiti project seeks to create an open & constructive forum for students to communicate their thoughts and feelings by creating a "graffiti wall" within the classroom.



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Comments (1)

Frank Curkovic said

at 1:42 am on Mar 15, 2009


I have been creating art using airbrush and stencils, as well as other types of painting, for the last 5 years.

A collection of my work is visible online at http://origin541.deviantart.com/gallery/

Recently I was able to upgrade my airbrush from a basic plastic starting model, to a very nice chrome IWATA brand professional quality airbrush, which I am still learning to use...

I create my stencils using digital photos, adjusting them in Adobe Photoshop, and printing them out, and cutting them out of cardboard using exacto blades(razor).

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like more information about techniques, I'd be happy to help...

-Hans Muir




I wanted to share a new piece I created today:


-Hans Muir

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