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Graphic Design and Advertising Lesson and Unit Plans

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Power of Advertising Unit Plan (From UIC Spiral Art Education) Students are constantly exposed to advertising messages designed to make them believe they can’t live without a certain product. Even though the average teenager knows it is advertising and is probably stretching or distorting the truth, he or she still is effected by the charm and appealing presentation of advertising.


Contemporary artists, such as the Guerrilla Girls, Jenny Holtzer, and the collaborative artist team of Elizabeth Sisco, Louis Hock, and David Avalos use the style and sometimes the means of mass media to bring their messages to the people. These artists use bus, billboard, and poster graphics along with traditional museum and gallery exhibitions and installations to show their work. The messages come from social and political issues. These include everything from feminist issues to immigration and labor issues. This democratic, and often, controversial approach to artmaking is a nice fit for a majority of urban youth who rarely are given an opportunity to see contemporary "fine art," but who are very savvy about the arts of popular culture.


I Can Change the World Unit Plan (From UIC Spiral Art Education) This project is an exploration of and a means of expressing opinion on a social issue that needs to be changed in order to make the world a better place today and for future generations. It is also an opportunity for students to use visual and verbal means to express feelings about the world in which they live. In his poem, writer Leroi Jones, for many years now known as Amiri Baraka, foregrounds the necessity of students developing their hearts as well as their minds. For Baraka, authentic feeling includes feeling for the world and people around us.


Teaching to the Type


iExpress Lesson Idea


ReDesign-Changing the Message Lesson Idea


Movie Posters for Minimalists

How would a movie poster change into a book cover? Communicate as much as possible with as little as possible.


Numerical and Punctuation Logos (Lesson Idea?)


Design an album cover. Go to Sleevage and read what the real designers have to say about their designs.


Go here if you need tips about creating effective poster presentations.


You may also be interested in the Digital Art and Design page which has tutorials for creating posters etc. The examples below are from there.

CD Cover Design

Design a Professional

Laptop Advert (Photoshop)

Creating A Customized

Product And Label (Photoshop)






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