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Graphic Design and Advertising

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The Universal Arts of Graphic Design | Off Book | PBS


The Fundamental Elements of Design

The Fundamental Elements of Design from Erica Gorochow on Vimeo.




History of Graphic Design


Want to know how to design? Learn The Basics.


Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline


50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory

While many of us can create something that looks good in Photoshop or attractive when spliced into CSS, but do we actually understand the design theory behind what we create? Theory is the missing link for many un-trained but otherwise talented designers. Here are 50 excellent graphic design theory lessons to help you understand the 'Whys', not just the 'Hows'.


The Key To Media's Hidden Codes: Colors, camera angles and logos in the media can all prompt immediate associations with emotions, activities and memories. Learn to decode the intricate system of symbols that are a part of everyday life -- from media messages to traffic signs. 


Design Essentials

Elements of Design

These are the ingredients to any design project, whether it’s a way to set up your garden to a map that shows people who to go from here to the moon. The ingredients, like those within a cake, often interact with each other to the point that the cake wouldn’t exist if one of these elements were missing.

Principles of Design

These are the tools that blend the ingredients for any design project. You can use all the design elements, but if you don’t blend them with rhythm, balance, contrast, etc., then you don’t have a cake.

Graphic Design: The New Basics is an excellent site with meaningful info and projects. Visit here or,....

Point, Line and Plane,

Rhythm and Balance, Scale, Texture,

Colour, Figure/Ground,

Framing, Hierarchy,

Go to the site to view more.


Titles and Typography

(Watch the "What is Typography?" video)


7 Ingredients of Good Corporate Design







and Culture

21 Ways That Lines Communicate



Advertising Examples etc

View examples of creative design and advertising from around the world. (*Includes Subvertising, Guerilla Marketing and Culture Jamming)

Guerrilla Girls-Art for the Social Conscience

The Graphic Imperative

International Posters for Peace, Social Justice and the Environment 1965-2005


Music Posters and Album Art

50 Brilliantly Photoshopped Movie Posters


A Blast from Cinema Past: 27 Retro Movie Posters

Derren Brown - Subliminal Advertising Video


50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics


Graphic Design and Advertising Lesson and Unit Plans


Click here for Logos

Click here for Business Cards

Click here for Packaging


You may also be interested in:

25 Useful Videos and Presentations for Designers

With the huge number of design-related conferences and events around the world, the Web gives those of us who cannot attend them a great opportunity to listen and benefit from their great and talented speakers. To aid in this, here we present some of the best videos, interviews and presentations about design and related topics.


10 Web Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know

When someone visits a website you’ve designed, the odds are that they don’t care much about the colors, images or sounds, they’re immediately looking at the text.

No matter how many bells and whistles you’ve built into a website, everyone relies on text to accomplish whatever they’re visiting the site to do.

That alone should make typography, the art of arranging type, a priority for any web designer.

In this article we take a look at 10 easy rules to keep in mind when designing your next web project.

Digital Art and Design

50+ Kick-butt Book Cover Designs

Vintage Ad Browser

Vintage Joke Book Covers 

Graffiti and Urban Art

Book Cover Archive An archive of book cover designs and designers.

28 Excellent Free Mac Apps for Graphic and Web designers

70+ Insightful Retro And Historic Artwork Around The World




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