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Line As A Drawing Tool Lesson Idea

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Safe and Dangerous

Grade 3 - Using Line as a Drawing Tool

Extension: Value and Colour


Concepts to be explored:

  • To build students’ confidence in using line as a means to communicate ideas (thoughts, feelings, experiences)
  • To identify characteristics of a variety of lines
  • To identify the emotional quality of line



Give students a large piece of paper and a drawing tool (oil pastel, coloured pencil or marker etc.)

Tell students you will tell them a story about a goat climbing a hill. While listening, students are to draw the surface of the hill starting from the bottom left-hand corner and work their way up diagonally to the top right-hand corner


STORY:  A goat was walking straight along when it came to a hill. It slowly began climbing the hill zigzagging along the rocky surface ever so slowly. It stopped and then decided to playfully hop a few small steps and then a few large steps. It found a path and decided to follow this curvy trail and began running through it quickly. Suddenly, it found itself in front of a large rock and had to climb over it using only two legs. At the top, he was so tired that he was dragging his two back legs in agony. Luckily, he then found himself on a flat plateau where he was able to walk comfortably.

Have students share and discuss the lines in their work and ask such questions as, “Are any lines similar? Which ones? How are your lines different? Why are some curved? Straight? Zigzag? Darker? Lighter?”



  • Have students turn their page over and fold it in half.
  • Drawing materials: oil pastel or charcoal
  • On one side, have the students draw a place they feel would be safe or fun. On the other, have students draw a similar structure or place using different lines to make it look dangerous
  • Which lines would be appropriate for each side? Would value make a difference?
  • When students have finished their drawings, let them add background, draw in details and add colour (Would colour affect/enhance the mood?)
  • Ss can outline their pieces in black to highlight the use of line




  • Exhibit all efforts and discuss the many interesting results.
  • Can students identify and discuss the different lines and moods?
  • Are students pleased with their results?
  • Do they feel more confident about their drawing abilities?


Line as a Drawing Tool.pdf


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