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Pinhole and Photogram Photography

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9 Creatively Camera-Free Photographers [30 Photos] 

Looking at some of the mostimpressivecontemporaryphotography, it’s easy to believe that sophisticated equipment is necessary.  Thoughts of prohibitively expensive cameras and all of the other trappings of professional photography have dissuaded plenty of would-be photographers over the years.  But amazing images have been made for centuries without any help from cameras using creatively strange pinhole and photogram photography techniques.


Pinhole Cameras: a cross-curricular project with art & design, photography, science and ICT

In this collaborative project that involved art and design, photography, science and ICT, Year 9 pupils at South Dartmoor Community College learned about the theory of light, vision and pinhole cameras before putting this into practice by taking their own pinhole camera photographs around the college. Their pictures were manipulated on the computer to produce images that appeared three-dimensional picture when viewed using special spectacles. The motivation for pupils and staff alike was clearly evident in this project which culminated in an exhibition and 'private view' for pupils, parents, staff and governors in the college library. (Video)

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